Photo gallery

Annabel holding a captured long-nosed
bandicoot for processing

Our team using misinformation to
camouflage wheat seeds from mice

Shani with a captured black rat in an
odour pre-exposure experiment

A captured bush rat
about to be released

Pete looking serious while thinking
about humane solutions for agricultural pests

Jenna releasing a brown antechinus

Cath setting up a camera trap in a
predator behaviour experiment

Jenna with a captured black rat in a
reinvasion experiment

Ben in the field helping set up an
information decoy experiment

A captured long-nosed bandicoot
being released after processing

Christmas party 2022

Cath measuring the PES length of a
long-nosed bandicoot

Peter presenting at NSW Parliament

Christmas party 2023

Finn with a pregnant mouse
in a phantom decoy experiment

A black rat visiting prey odour in an
aging odour cues experiment

Engorged ticks collected from a
long-nosed bandicoot

Kyla fishing for dragons in the
Simpson desert